Because there’s someone somewhere asking this very question right now…

For many, the point of NoFap comes down to two things: confidence that comes from change and the ability to make positive life changes.

There has been some sort of de-evolution of NoFap into a mentality that is skewed. Many people are starting to think that NoFap is some sort of special potion that will turn you into an irresistible alpha male that is able to seduce all the girls. NoFap has basically been commercialized – especially on YouTube where every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking about the ‘magical’ benefits of NoFap because they want the views that translate into income.

This created a mentality where some people seem to do Nofap to get the girl, a girl or even all the girls. This then created thoughts in their mind where getting a girl is the ultimate goal which would then prove Nofap really works. But that is just a spurious correlation – NoFaps ultimate goal is the betterment of one’s self. It is a mentality and a way of life that many people are adopting.

Will you get a new job over the one you hate ? Yes, just put your mind to it.

Can you get girls from NoFap? Sure, you can

The reality is this, people come and go out of your life, especially women. But only you stay permanently in your life and life matters. NoFap is a tool to help you understand and love yourself more – it is to be used to make your more confident and improve many areas of your life for the better, even the seduction part(s). It’s easy to solely focus on seduction and women but life isn’t all about that – just don’t focus on that one aspect.

There are so many other aspects of life that can be improved such as:• Clarity of mind• More confidence in your abilities• Easier conversations with others• Easier reading of people behaviours• Being able to maintain and express an opinion• Not reliant on someone else’s approval

The above list explains the seduction part of NoFap – where having qualities where you are strong minded, kind, have the ability to see many viewpoints, independent and easy to converse with will explains why so many women are naturally attracted to guys that practice NoFap.

It is very easy these days to base our worth on the number of sexual partners that we have had. Society has engrained this mentality into us. The reality is, all that matters in the world is you. Not what social media says in this hyper-sexual society.

The main point is – Nofap is something wonderfull that will help you understand yourself but it’s not a miracle potion to get you laid.