PEOPLE BEING DIRECT: A lot of Millennials can and will be direct about there intentions in the dating scene. Such as guys telling a girl they are only looking for fun a few seconds or hours after talking. Or women telling men they are only looking for a sugar daddy in their dating profiles. As hard as it can be sometimes, just coming out and saying you only want sex or you are looking for something long-term is for the best. Or even, “I’m dating multiple people right now, but will settle down if things feel right.” But no one can expect the answer someone gives before meeting you will be the same afterwards, because the level of attraction might change.

PEOPLE BEING GENUINE VS PICKUP ARTISTS: There a stark different between generally men trying pickup, RSD and dating tactics on women compared to being their genuine selves. There is nothing wrong with using basic social skills and knowing basic guidelines for dates. That is completely different from adhering to strict PUA guidelines where you tease, deny, punish, neg or praise a girl based on another man’s tactics. yes, you can use tactics, because those tactics is a plan and guideline. Use this plan and guideline and convert it into your natural happens and be honest and flirt with your dating in a natural way.  Also, ladies, the reverse girl game is unattractive. there is nothing more of a complete turn off than a woman being a completely different person through a week of messaging.

SOCIAL MEDIA STALKING IS ALIVE AND WELL: There is nothing sexier than when your exes or current partner stalks you online. I mean, we are in the digital age right? An age where you just have to get the name and city someone lives in or even just there phone number and you can learn everything about them by stalking their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

THE CULTURE OF DATING FATIGUE: Securing two dates a week should not feel like a part time job, but it does with app dating. And with the typical success rate of a second date hovering at only 10%, it’s a recipe for fatigue. I’m not sure what the fix is for this. Maybe it’s personal. Maybe it should be a change in the culture. Maybe it’s better designed apps that better incorporate social science research.

THE CULTURE OF GHOSTING: If someone isn’t being abusive or threatening, there is absolutely no reason to not act like an adult for 30 seconds and explain why you don’t want to date them anymore. But on the other hand, some people feel that if you are not in a relationship with someone then you do not owe that person an explanation. Enough said.

PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING FLAKEY: It may not be worth going on a first date with someone if you just met someone else and things are getting serious for both parties sake. That just comes with this era of dating. But at least try to give the other party a heads up before the last minute so they can make other plans.

THE ERA OF PEOPLE BEING RUDE AND SHITTY: Looking at both genders, err, sexes.  Rejection is a normal part of dating. And it’s not even that bad in the end, because it prevents both parties wasting time on someone they are not compatible with. I know it involves hurt feelings and self-esteem is something people have to learn more often than not. But the stranger rejecting you is still a person, who did not agree to a date with you to deliberately hurt you. Take it as a learning experience in the current dating scene and move on.