Here is the best dating advice that you will ever hear. This strategy will guarantee you more confidence, more dates, more conversations and more success. This strategy is simple and just always works.

The best and most effective way to meet, see, date and partner with someone no matter who they are and where you are is to interact with them like this:  Say hi, introduce yourself then just talk to her like she is a normal person.

It is crazy how you can talk to women like they are normal people no matter how attractive they are and find yourself in super interesting conversations.  This strategy is extremely effective, but criminally underutilized.

It’s remarkable what doing this simple thing will help you accomplish. Just rely on yourself and your personality to open, carry and end a conversation well – talk about stuff that you want to talk about, instead thinking that you have to say something “cool” or “witty” to engage with any woman and impress her.

All you do is introduce yourself and then just talk to her like she’s a normal human being, who eats, sleeps, and breathes to survive – just like you do.

Start with anything casual then ask her, “Tell me more about that” then ask “Tell me even more about that.” But remember, everything that you ask to her, about half the time they will ask you the same thing, so make sure you have a great answer and deliver it with confidence or it is game over for you!  The most important part of charisma is tonality. Don’t speak in a monotone voice, have some charisma and energy into your voice as well as your body language. This is eloquence – Many women can be turned off in a few seconds after they start talking to a “hot” guy by the way he talks or what comes out of his mouth. Be able to carry an intelligent and/or witty conversation. You can be smart, funny, serious or any combination thereof.

If this is too hard, then just imagine that she’s your best friend. This usually takes the pressure off.

Unfortunately, even with this strategy, some women simply will not talk to you. That’s because no matter who you are, no matter what you do, and no matter what you have going on in your life – some people are just not going to like you!. Accept that as a part of life, and move on – stop wasting your time.

Just remember, the more you normalize women, the more confident you’ll become. The more you don’t pedestalize them, the more attractive you become. Women are attracted to men who tell it like it is and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves. The moment you like a woman, you act needy and you put her on a pedestal then you are at her mercy. And you will fall right into the category of men she finds unattractive.

Try being indifferent to a woman. Not in a “she’s out of my league so I won’t try” kinda way. More like, “she’s hot, let’s see if she’s worth my time. If not, I’m not afraid to walk away from her”. The moment you start thinking on these lines, your attitude will change. You’ll feel like you have power in the interaction. You may notice that she will try to be on her best behavior or start showing signs that she’s interested in you. Remember, women are typically creatures of emotion while men are creatures of logic.

This new mindset will take conditioning, but once it’s a part of your personality, you’ll see how much success you’ll have with more attractive women. The more you value yourself, the more she will value you. If she does not value you, don’t get involved with her and save your mental energy for someone else.

It’s called empathy. Without it, you’ll never connect with her, and so she’ll never trust you. You can’t emphasize with an object, and that’s what she is to you if you put her on a pedestal.