Re-inventing yourself is never easy, especially when you are trying to do that by way of a NoFap challenge. One day you might feel you are on top of the world and then the next day you feel as if you are missing something.

I think the most dangerous part of being addicted to something like pornography (even fapping in some cases) is that you don’t realize the damage it is having on your overall life structure. You feel that gnawing sense that “something is missing” or something is FUBAR but you can’t really center in on what it is. It is very possible to live an “acceptable” life as an addict, but never really reach your full potential or capitalize on those dreams you had when you were young and in some cases, naive.
From the outside, I look to be “alright”. I don’t have any debilitating mental illnesses, I don’t have any deformities or handicaps, I am well spoken and well read, I am generally self-sufficient, and I graduated from college with a degree. But as Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho said “but on the inside…”, there’s a lot of things that are wrong or are just missing.

I remember it vividly. I was 21. I just graduated from college. I dreamed about being a millionaire by 30, going on amazing trips, putting on muscle, and of course – having run through a bunch of women until I found “The One”. My college experience had much to be desired, I only really “broke out of my shell” end of junior beginning of senior year. I started researching “game” and I started to realize that I could start having sex if I only knew how to act. I never really executed on anything I read, but I thought things would just “take care of themselves”.

This is what porn does to you, you PMO to feel good but soon after you feel terrible about yourself. It can be hard to replace a bad habit with a good one. In fact, I would say 99.999% of people will fail the first time and most will fail the second, third and fourth times but it is extremely important to not give up and keep trying.

It is extremely difficult to stop something you have been doing for years or even decades cold turkey – especially one that has been pleasurable for so long. Your brain has been wired to find what you were doing for so long routine and will fight you to get back to that routine no matter what – this is the addiction part. You need to fight this addiction and urge to PMO so that you start on a path that is filled with positivity.

There are more and more men and woman joining the NoFap movement for their own personal reasons – but the end goal is ALWAYS to have a better life. Some may or may not drink alcohol and others may or may not smoke marijuana.What needs to be understood is the effect of marijuana and/or alcohol on your reboot process. For some people, smoking weed is the best thing ever, because it heals their pain and makes them relaxed. For others, it makes them anxious and as paranoid as ever. Weed is like alcohol for some people. It can mellow you out or make you hyper or even give you that ‘liquid courage’. And on the other hand it may make you more paranoid and insecure.

Over-all, I would say to not use alcohol and/or marijuana because it will negatively affect your brain rebooting process. They hinder the effectivity of NoFap. Why would you want to distort your thoughts during a reboot process anyway? Weed and alcohol can be vices to cope with life but to really change your life you need to get rid of these vices and take action yourself. Furthermore, NoFap should be taken very seriously since it does take a lot of devotion to do and even more so if you are addicted to porn and PMO.

If you ever want to wonder if something is real or fake then the best way is to ignore all the contradicting articles, discussions and scientific evidence of it and TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! Then, based on your own experience you will know if it works or not. This is what I am asking of you – to just try NoFap for yourself.

From your own experience of it, you can decide whether or not it is something positive or negative. You will be able to share from first hand experience if it works or doesn’t work and what you have accomplished while practicing NoFap. You will also be able to share the best ways to perfect the practice.

I know that NoFap is not for everyone, but I also want it to reach and better people’s lives that are willing to try it and gain something from their experience.

This is truly what NoFap is about.