I have heard women say many terrible things about Millennial men, such as “The majority of them fail at traditional masculine roles: providing, fixing and building things by themselves, leadership when times are hard etc.”

I have also heard, “And they fail at traditionally feminine roles [too]: caregiving, emotional intelligence, support of significant other, cleaning etc. Failing at all these things makes them effectively useless. They have abandoned all positive masculine traits while adopting negative masculine traits and have become more feminine without adopting any positive feminine traits which I find bizarre. Their hobbies (more like obsessions) are video games, watching other men play sports and jerking off to porn. None of these “hobbies” have the element of self improvement that is needed for a person to become a better human being.

But is this all true? Millennials are being known as the burnout generation and the generation to want freebies and not work for anything. Where is this coming from? Has there been a split between male and female Millennials where Millennial women have become stronger in the sense that they have become more ambitious self-confident and independent and the men have become weaker; less ambitious, less independent, less social and more prone to suicide.

Is it the result of bad parenting when it comes to young men? Is it the collective male ego’s negative reaction to more independent self-confident women?

There are many thoughts on this.
Some women feel that Millennial boys were coddled by our baby boomer and Generation x parents while the girls were not. Where males were expected to go out in the world and coast on male privilege while girls knew everything we got would have to be earned. Others find that Liberal Feminists sold a vision of “equality” that men could be socialized to be like women and men took this to mean they are entitled to do a lot less work since everyone is “equal” now. Where they don’t want to pay for dates, sex work/porn was sold by LibFems as “empowering” so there’s no guilt in engaging in it, men expect their wife to work so they don’t have to worry about being bread winners, while single parent homes and divorce have been normalized so men feel like they don’t have to be fathers. Over-all, saying that men cherry picked all the things that benefited them and pushed women to work harder.

Furthermore, some women believe that just because women have become more successful and independent doesn’t mean men can all of a sudden slack off and not contribute.

What do you think? Have Millennial men become more feminine without being good at traditionally feminine things?

Do Millennial men have no passion outside of porn and video games and are now mediocre man-children with no goals or internal drive?