Being an Alpha Male is not the same as toxic masculinity.Every man in this world wants to know if he is an alpha male or not and in this article, I’m going to clear all of your doubts about an alpha male. Here are some secrets you can apply to your daily life in your alpha male pursuits.

As an Alpha male, you have a cool, calm and collected mindset with a lot of confidence. This confidence is necessary to have faith in yourself and know that you have the ability to achieve things in life. If you have low confidence that means you rarely take any bold decision or any risk in your life, take some risks in your life show everybody that you are the best in the world. If you want to have confidence then challenge yourself to do more things out of your comfort level each and everyday.

This is easy to say but hard to do. You have to remain cool, calm and collected, even when you are upset and your emotions are running high. This is a trait that is learnt and masters by practice through-out your lifetime. Some people master it, and others don’t while some completely fail miserably. The key here is to learn how to be not let things bother you and to be confident in your state of being and mental point of origin. If you are lacking mentally then it will be displayed when you are tested by people on multiple occasions with many different ways.

Alpha males give respect and receive respect from those around them. They respect the people that are respectful to them and give respect to people that earned it through merit. As an alpha, you gain respect by unsaid means, you are a leader, role model, or any person of influence or power and you act not drunk with power but with humility and the ability to help others in need.

You can be viewed as alpha by how you appear. Your demeanor, personality and mannerisms. The ability to not have people provoke you, having a laid back attitude, having a drive to succeed, being able to see different view points as well as not having a leering look on your face when faced with a beautiful woman. These can all signal that you are a top tier aka alpha man.

The alpha male always accepts their faults, when they were not in control. If an apology is needed then there is no shame in making an apology. Pride is a sin that is flush in today’s society and can make an already bad decisions worse especially when a person is in the wrong and they do not want to apologize.

Being courageous is seen as a very admirable trait but don’t confuse this with foolhardiness. There are many alphas that know when to be courageous and when to stay in their position as to not make a mistake. This is where wisdom comes in.

There is nothing wrong with being competitive and courageous. Being competitive without having sociopathic aggression is a good thing. Being ambitious without unbridled avarice is very admirable. Add these traits and skills to your repertoire if you are modelling yourself after an alpha male.

Being assertive without having a domineering attitude and being stoic without heartless insensitivity are all admirable traits to have.

Know the difference between taking wise calculated risks as opposed to having just blatant and foolish foolhardiness.

Some guys just exude this. They walk into a room; give the dreamy eye look and hot bod with an air of eloquence and all the ladies stare. They give off an energy of their own. The type that the ladies can “smell”. They project sexual energy and desire. They do this so well that as soon as they walk into the room, all eyes are on them and they are in control. This sense of being cannot be easily copied. This is an amalgamation of all things alpha.