Passive-Aggressiveness and Sarcasm
Real solutions to problems cannot be had if a person is constantly belittling others in a passive-aggressive manner or with sarcasm. Sarcasm or passive-aggression is often seen as a personal attack and can escalate quickly into something really ugly. Try to be honest and earnest as an alternative approach to find a solution that works best.

Getting Personal
One of the biggest signs of poor communication is getting angry at or belittling people instead of making a problem the focus of your communication. This can be seen if a person calls someone stupid or an idiot if they present a plan that may need a little bit more work or calling people lazy because they are behind on projects or assignments.

Disregarding or Invalidating Feelings
Whenever someone communicates with you it’s important to validate their feelings, even if you disagree with them. This is a very important communication skill since it shows you have an understanding of their emotions and can make them more receptive to constructive criticism.

One-Way Communication
Another way to poorly communicate is always having a one way communication. This can be because the person is talking to much and not allowing space or time for others to ask questions or give comments or ideas. Remember, communication is never a one way street.

Speaking Negatively
Another sign of poor communication skills is being the guy or girl with nothing but negative things to say to anyone or about anything. This would be the man or woman at work that shit talks people, shoots down other people’s ideas and is constantly pessimistic.

“You” Directives
You directives are very common in the workplace. They typically begin with You and forms a negative statement or retort. Such as, “You are late.” “You should have gotten this done yesterday.” “You were not supposed to have done this.” “You will finish this today” etc etc etc. These directives make people defensive since they are being communicated at than communicated to and can make way for a negative situation whenever they are done as well as a toxic work environment.

Social skills are important because they help you build, maintain and grow relationships with friends, family, colleagues, clients and new contacts. They are important to maintain and improve no matter your position, industry or experience level because these skills are practiced yet never perfected. You need to constantly practice and improve them.

Here are 6 social skills that are important:
• respect
• active listening
• conflict resolution
• effective communication
• empathy
• relationship management

The two that can be picked up quickly would be respect and effective communication. This might not be the case for everyone since we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Respect is important because we all need to know when to initiate communication effectively and respond appropriately. Allowing others to speak without interruption is seen as a necessary communication skill tied to respectfulness. Respectful communication also means using your time wisely – this can be done by asking clear questions as well as responding fully to any questioned posed to you. This is easy to pick up since all you have to do is not talk over people, not speak when they are speaking and answering all questions people ask you.

Effective communication is the ability to communicate well with others. This is a very important social skills since communication is a cornerstone of understanding. If you have strong communication skills, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and ideas clearly with others. Effective communicators make good leaders because they can easily explain projects and goals in an easy-to-understand way. This can be learnt quickly by being open and honest with people – and people will appreciate this.

Having no friends and poor social skills seem to go hand in hand. You can have poor social skills because you have no friends or have no friends because you have poor social skills. Either way, you need an avenue to improve your social skills to gain confidence and the ability to interact with many different classes of people.

Social skills are learnt and practiced plus honed through experience.

1. Listen to people – this is extremely important and the best thing to do

2. Be empathetic – actually be interested in people’s stories.

3. Have respect/be respectful – follow up

4. Learn what you thrive at: either 1-on-1 conversations or a crowd?

5. Don’t complain – there is no need to be Stoic but don’t be too negative all the time

6. Remember people’s names and stories – people appreciate this

7. Silence can be important so don’t fill every moment with talking.

8. Learn when to cut ties – know when to give up or leave

9. Learn to be humble yet candid

10. Learn effective communication and conflict resolution

Be Selfless: Too many people these days are selfish. People can appreciate some selflessness.

Be Consistent: Your word is your bond. Be someone people can count on. A reliable person is always appreciated and loved.

Be Humble: There is no need to brag, let your life speak for itself.

Be Interesting: Challenge yourself – learn new things. It can be an amazing world out there.

Be Empathetic: We as human beings, are all social creatures. We crave and need interaction and well as a connection.

Be Candid: Your integrity is more important than your likability. So be honest and straightforward.

Be your true self: Don’t fake it, people can sense it a mile away. They can also sense sincerity as if it is energy.

The bottom line is practice makes perfect.

Except errr… social skills practice makes better social skills but just not perfect. Just remember to keep doing it and you will get better over time.


1. Use Positive Affirmations

Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation. Use these affirmations by proclaiming your positive beliefs about yourself and about your life. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be. Strong, positive affirmations are powerful means of self-transformation and they are a key element in the creation of the life you desire.• Get a piece of paper, write 4 or 5 semi-believable affirmations.• Every morning and every night, say these affirmations out loud• As you read each affirmation aloud, close your eyes and just imagine yourself living out that affirmation.• Repeat these steps until your affirmations become reality

2. Clarify Your Goals
Your dreams and goals are limitless. Try making a list of goals that you want to accomplish before you die. Believe that the whole world is out there just waiting for you.

3. Use a Vision Board to Help Achieve Your Goals
Having a vision board is not only practical but it will keep your mind focused on your goals.

• not watching porn
• keeping yourself positive and motivated
• getting rid of distractions
• not being around negative people
• taking action (not being lazy)
• having a way to de-stress and/or decompress


NoFap can help you improve your social skills by giving you a stronger mindset. Some people may say there are inconsistencies when it comes to NoFap.

The fact is, there is evidence that supports the idea that masturbation is good and there is evidence that supports the idea of not masturbating.

What you should do to if you are a skeptic is give a serious effort towards NoFap and see what your results are.

If it was a negative experience for you then NoFap isn’t for you. If it was a positive experience then welcome to the community.

The individuals in the NoFap community report in an anecdotal fashion the benefits and drawbacks they are continually experiencing. But are their experiences backed up by real science? Yes they are.

It turns out that there appear to be five scientifically-measurable areas of impact of retaining your semen or NoFapping and they are as follows:

• Increase in Testosterone levels

• Increase in brain androgen receptors [ARs]

• Increase in Serotonin levels

• Decrease in Prolactin levels

• Decrease in Dopamine levels

The community is growing large ever since its inception. Hundreds of thousands of men and women from all over the world – from varying religious to non-religious beliefs, are experiencing life changing benefits by getting rid of porn consumption. The best thing about someone being skeptic to this trend is that they can experience it for themselves. Just stay focused, be patient and simply don’t masturbate. If it doesn’t works for you, well enjoy your life and continue masturbating to whatever you like with no judgement made here.

But, there is ever increasing scientific evidence about the downside effects in the neuro-endocrine system regarding porn over-consumption as seen only in the traditional substance abuse addicted brain. We live in a very sex positive society and we need to realize that this level of porn distribution is a never before seen phenomena of the 21st century – further studies must be made. Science is just on the tip of the iceberg right now and it will be interesting to see how and if our epigenetics are affected by these behaviors.

I don’t mind someone saying NoFap is bad but I would prefer they say that after they have tried it.

NoFap isn’t for everyone, some people try it and admittedly they don’t like it. It is like weed – some people have pain, they try it and it is the best thing ever while others get crazy anxiety.

The worse is when people sprout non-sense and I can tell they don’t know what they are typing.

NoFap is about abstaining for porn addiction and having a better life. There are many men (and women) out there that are heavily addicted to porn to the point where it affects their daily lives. Some men even have porn creep.

NoFap doesn’t say not to have sex, it says to have sex with someone you care for and to stay away from a crippling addiction.

Today’s society is very sex positive and is the age that has the highest proportion of men with erectile dysfunction? Why is that?

We still don’t know the long term effects of viewing an augmented reality (porn) that releases high levels of dopamine each time you view it with having the need for more dopamine the next round.

For many, masturbation is ‘healthy’ because they aren’t addicted to porn and PMO but for others, it is a nightmare and the equivalent of being addicted to hard drugs.

There are copious amounts of men right at this moment stuck in a room, a bathroom or even a basement wasting their lives away watching porn or looking at it in a print fashion. They are alienated from their family, friends and work. Their lives are in shambles because of their crippling addiction. THIS IS A REALITY FOR MANY PEOPLE.