Don’t let the white lotus girl play with your emotions. She is the type of girl that seems innocent, soft, sweet and weak but you are playing with a tiger.

In Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and virtue of the soul. The “white lotus” (báiliánhuā) character is morally perfect, kind-hearted, and harmless. They have no dark side, even if they leave “unintended” casualties behind them. Or maybe they make mistakes just because they are likeable, clumsy fools: There is even a term for this trait, 傻白甜 (shǎ bái tián), meaning “silly, innocent, sweet.” Their characteristics are a child-like nature, optimistic attitude, outspoken nature, and simple but big heart. By itself, 傻白甜 can be regarded as a neutral term and whether it’s complimentary or derogatory depends on the context.

But the white lotus girl has come to symbolize something completely different. She is an emotional manipulator of the highest degree. She will gaslight you to the point where you lose your grip on reality. She says she can walk the walk and talk the talk but her actions never match her words. She will always play the victim card while leveraging your guilt against you.

She will always want to develop a personal and business relationship quickly and deeply in a short amount of time all the while being an emotional vampire. She will suck your all your energy dry all while complaining that you never listen.

She will be more than happy to say that she will help, only to act as a martyr when it comes time to do the work. She loves to ‘one-up’ everyone she is around and knows how to push everyone’s button and being not opposed to do so. The white lotus girl looks normal, you may even think she acts normal but she is always scheming.

She knows your weaknesses and she knows your strengths and will exploit them. She knows how to be a best with her irrational behaviour to make you do what she says. It doesn’t matter if your mom or dad, or cat or dog is sick. Because if your 2 dogs are sick then her 3 cats are sick. If your mom is sick then her 2 brothers, mother and father are all sick.

She wants to know everything and anything about you within only a few days. Her martyr-ship knows no bounds. She will give offers of help when in reality she doesn’t want to help at all. Her helpfulness is her undermining of all your relationships until you are isolated and alone. Then she will flip it to make you feel guilty and indebted to hang that over your head.

She will always have unreasonable expectations and when things go wrong, it is always your fault. While her actions and her words tell competing stories. She will gaslight you and make you question reality. Behind her sweet smile lies fangs, a true frenemy indeed.