The positive aspects:
1. the importance of Looks Money and Status, Sexual/Social Market Value (attractiveness relative to the rest of the population) and the alpha/beta dichotomy in relation to this

2. the necessity for Frame and Game (confidence, inner and outer projection of). That women are very apathetic to insecure and submissive men, except when a man is sexually submissive on occasion only after having proven Alpha traits outside of the bedroom

3. bringing attention to the hypocrisies of modern third wave feminism in the West, particularly the radicals/misandrists. Attention towards the various double standards it has created and the ways that women will rationalize this; feminist shaming tactics, etc. Reminding men that

a) feminism is for the most part geared towards women

b) men remain disposable figures of the workforce to the vast majority of society esp. women,

c) men have been socialized to ‘put pussy on a pedestal’ and even feminists often like benevolent sexism when it benefits them, e.g. chivalry [men paying on dates, shoulder to cry on etc.]

d) most hetero women do not recognize or want to recognize that ‘patriarchy hurts men too’ since it goes against their biological conditioning, this includes many feminists

4.     a) the variety of traps women hold against men that betas tend to fall into (hypergamy, one-itis, attracting harems of beta orbiters, emotional tampon, rationalization hamster, cheating, shit tests, ‘she is not your shoulder to cry on’, divorce rape etc.)
b) how to call women out on their shit when they do it

5. the shifting of the priorities of women from sleeping with hot alphas in their teens to 20s before settling with a financially stable beta provider, and the shift of social power from women in the teens to 20s, to men c. 30s onwards when women hit ‘the wall’ and lose some of the power of their beauty, youth or fertility

6. the changing nature of the sexual marketplace since women became open and liberal about their sexuality, and its relation to ‘Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks’

Where it fails is :
1. the misogynist circle-jerk on the subreddit in particular, rather than accepting the hypergamous/manipulative/cognitively dissonant nature of women as a force of nature that they hold little accountability for, and the importance of LMS, male disposability etc. to be as much a product of patriarchy and social conditioning as it is biological. However one can take this as part of the adjustment/grief phase discussed.

2. the application of Dread on women i.e. emotional abuse.

3. the normalization of Dark Triad traits which are personality disorders that, if they must be harnessed at all, should be done within the confines of a medical/professional environment with highly trained professionals e.g. a psychiatrist.

4. over-emphasis on LMS as opposed to Confidence in its raw form for social dynamics. However other red pill/purple pill blogs e.g. Mark Manson and to some extent ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ do justice to the importance of game/frame in this regards, in particular the Vulnerability Primer.

5. some degree of homophobia, transphobia, and enforced hetero-normative dogma