Carl Jung’s definition of synchronicity is defined as the following: “Coincidence of inner (virtual) and outer (physical) events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect, but is meaningful to the observer.”

Before we talk about synchronicity, let’s first talk about the Law of Attraction. My opinion of the  ‘Law of Attraction’ is the idea that what we think, say and act upon is an outward energy that must come back to us just like a boomerang or “the golden rule” or the idea of karma and “what goes around comes around”. Just like how energy cannot be created or destroyed but is transformed; the energy we give out transforms itself and comes back to us in what shape or another. The Law of Attraction is the belief that whatever we put out transmutes itself and we get it back.

 The phenomenon of things manifesting as they are is call Synchronicity. Where the “outer reality” is being reflective from the “virtual reality” and this virtual reality is going to be a cumulative blueprint of consciousnesses in the world as we liken it to our consciousness.

Reality is in fact, a spectrum of coincidences that inter-coincide in many different ways. A mixture of Yin and Yang. Everything has a cause and effect (in a time-linear perspective) – but if you think about it, a cause and effect is a synchronicity. It is the “same” thing, or rather, an instance of it.

Think about the world right now around you. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a ripple. This ripple extends outwards. It might meet other ripples from other people. But ultimately, you are standing in a pond – the universe is this pond. Everything else is a reflective coincidence of virtual reality.

We’ve been trained to think in the physical way of things to influence physical things. However, you need to realize that the mental plane is far more powerful than you’d like it to be. To understand how to train your mind, is to understand how to influence the physical plane. How do you do that? Meditation, Yoga and Semen Retention.

As I have said, the mental plane is powerful and we can manifest things into being. Reach a higher vibrational frequency and manifest your goals, and success through Semen Retention by way of the Law of Attraction. Use your consciousness to bring your goals into fruition.