I should also speak to having the right mindset – whether you are doing NoFap, Semen Retention, saving Jing or conserving life energy – it all boils down to the same thing and this is MINDSET.

You are changing you your mindset to focus on things that matter in life. There are many guys out there focused on getting dates, and being in relationships rather than focusing on building good credit, starting a business, furthering their education and bettering their health.

The crazy thing is, if you focus on the latter things rather than the former then you find yourself in relationships a lot easier than just solely focusing on them as a primary objective.

We only get so much chances to live our dreams and we only have one life to live so make your life the best as possible. Don’t stagnate on being in relationships where you have no control over them. What you can control is your education, if and when you start a business, your credit and bettering your health.

Channel all that energy into creating and you will see how amazing your life can and will be.

The dopamine detox is also about a shift in mindset. Since you can’t actually lower your dopamine levels through ‘fasting’. Yes, you read that correctly, lifestyle changes do not eliminate dopamine from your body since dopamine is a naturally occurring brain chemical which does not decrease when you avoid over-stimulating activities.

The terms dopamine detox and dopamine fasting are both used to describe a mechanism where addictions are reinforced through repetition and to remove said addiction, then we should remove ourselves addictive bombardments.

Thus, a dopamine detox or dopamine fast should not be taken literally. People are now viewing dopamine akin to heroin or cocaine where you remove the substance from your body by ‘fasting’. But the analogy should be more of reducing stress and engaging in mindfulness behaviours as to not reinforce such addiction(s).

What we should do is allow our brains to take resets and breaks to avoid potentially addictive bombardments instead of automatically responding to reward-inducing cues, which provide us with an immediate but short-lived shot of ‘dopamine’. The idea is to allow ourselves to find pleasure in doing simpler or more natural activities. Thus, we will regain control over our lives and be better able to address compulsive behaviors that may be interfering with our happiness and over-all mental state.