During my years as a teenager growing up, I saw all sorts of things in life. I couldn’t understand some things and others I couldn’t explain even though I knew it was wrong. But, now, as an adult I can fully explain to others the right and wrong things to do when it comes to relationships, as well as what works and why it works.

I remember this one chick bragging about the hundreds of dollars she would get from this one guy in a city just over an hour away. He would send her money for her to use to come and ‘see him’. At the time, I at least knew this was not a good idea to do since trust and respect, and loyal are only options to people these days. Furthermore, sooner or later she was just going to keep all the money for herself. And there you have it, one hot summer weekend, instead of using to 200 to 400 dollars to go see this man, this woman decided to use it all for herself.

Paying never pays off:
If you go to the store and pay for a pair of jeans, then that is what is considered a transaction. The store you bought it from doesn’t LOVE you, they only want your money. A transactional relationship is no different, if you are in this type of relationship then there will be no love on one or both sides of the equation. You are paying and getting something in return. This is the worst type of relationship to be in – it is fragile and in modern day times leads to a case of “me too” accusations.

Validating relationships are best:
The best kind of relationship to be in is a validating one. This is where there is trust, love and respect for both partners. These relationships typically have each partner doing two main things: identifying what emotion the other partner is feeling as well as offering or adding justification for feeling that emotion. In other words, communicating effectively and having empathy as the part of the foundation of your relationship.

Also, as men, we must remember that you can understand a woman but you must also keep frame, don’t get swept up in her emotional state. You can understand and be empathic towards her but remember that you cannot invite low vibrational energy into your life. Don’t let her get you into an emotional vice-grip – maintain your manly frame and energy and great things will come from this.

Too many SIMPS come up to bat:
There are too many men willing to exchange their hard-earned money just to SIMP. I remember this one guy, he worked at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook only to save up thousands of dollars of his hard earned cash while being clothed in rags just so he could go to the Philippines to see a “girlfriend” he had never met and take care of her and her family for 2 months. I don’t need to tell you this but after a few cycles of being used, it was clear that there was no real relationship.

There are countless stories of this, guy after guy willing to exchange their money for what seemingly is a “relationship” to them. Too many men are going out on dates without any social proof or social intelligence and getting baited into giving up all that they have. Only to keep the wool over their eyes, go MGTOW or Black pill or just hate women and be misogynist. My thoughts on this is that you should only involve yourself only in things you understand, these men didn’t understand dating or social dynamics for that matter and that is why they lost.

On the other hand, some guys turn into social justice warriors (SJWs) where they blind themselves from the truth and attack sound reasoning from other men. Until what they deny actually happens to them. I even had another guy deny what was happening in his relationship until it was too late, and came running back confiding that he now knows the truth and he is sorry for what he has done in the past.

Another story is of a guy moving his girlfriend into his condominium only for her to magically be gone one evening exactly 6 months to the day she moved in and then, a few days later, he received a letter from her lawyer stating her position to 50% of his condominium due to being in a common law relationship. She even made sure to have some of her mail go to his place just to make her position even stronger.

Keeping it SIMPING:
There are too many white knights masquerading around as SJWs – coming to the defense of any woman fast and free without full knowledge of the previous events and interactions that have taken place.

Simping is now common tense in many people’s vernacular. Does this mean it is a common and/or old problem?

Well, I would personally say it is a common problem that is old. In the past, there would be no way for most men to communicate with each other because the internet wasn’t so wide reaching and for the older guys, there was just no internet at all. In order to navigate the dating world, you either learnt through trial and error, or from your dad, your uncles, your brother(s) and/or your cousins(s). And if they were Simps then you would most likely become a Simp as well. But, since the advent of the internet, information can be transferred from one person on the other side of the world to another. And thus, many men have been saved from the “simp life” thanks to honest men sharing their stories of what to do and not do in a relationship in order to survive.

But, alas, there will always be men out there that will call all this knowledge bullshit, misogyny, anti-feminist, and bullying. These men will defend to the death a woman’s honor in the hopes of getting noticed and finally, sex. This doesn’t work, there are many men that will parade around as being feminists in order to receive sexual gratification but will only be used for what they are useful for – to disrupt and bolster a social narrative.

These men will be used as actors in whatever scheme(s) a woman chooses until a goal is received and they will be discarded with haste.

The bottom line:
You should never feel like you need to sell yourself or pay for someone’s time. That is more of a transactional relationship than anything. Find a woman that will see you as an alpha – a man where she respects, trusts, is loyal to and she can be vulnerable towards.

Your role is to be a person that she can look up to, confide in and at times, get protection from the rest of the world. You are to maintain masculine frame and energy and be a positive gravitational pull for her and everyone around you. Be on your purpose and never lose sight of it.

Know that relationships are secondary or even tertiary to your goals in life and a relationship should compliment your life, not be used as a replacement for your purpose. Furthermore, a relationship should make your life better and more productive, not be a black hole that drains your energy – negatively affecting your life.
There are good women out there, you just have to fine one.

SIMPING AINT EASY: https://worldstar.com/video.php?v=wshhQXfLRCY5HFf2P1S5