Every interaction between a person with another or a group of people is a seduction. You are wooing people over by your eloquent and seductive thoughts.

You are using words to illicit a reaction from them. You use your words to seduce them not always in a sexual manner but a seduction none-the-less.

Many people are aware of this while most others haven’t even thought of the fact. The real seducers are conscious about all the interpersonal interactions they are involved in and know the importance of every interpersonal communication as a potential seduction.

An unconscious person who is not aware will take life as it comes, without actively participating in it. Seducers, on the other hand, see the world from a different perspective.

It’s like they have never left their bedroom, or the entire world is like a bedroom or a play arena for them and not always in a negative connotation – since to persuade someone in essence is to seduce them to your opinion and/or facts. 

It is at times even pleasing to be around seducers since their communication skills can be at the highest of levels. Have you ever heard someone speak where they are always so persuasive? That is a seducer in action. They know how to communicate their thoughts in a very effective way. They know when to say things, how to say things, where and why to say things as well as what to say. This is an art – an art of communication. Some people coast in life never getting it – but for those that get it know that seduction does not stop in the sexual realm but continues through-out every facet of life.

Thus, seduction is a very healthy and social phenomenon, for both the seducer and the seduced.