Quarantine Couple’s Tension – A technique to help.
Some couples and loved ones are experiencing a bit of added stress, anxiety, and heightened tension living in such close proximity through this quarantine. It’s difficult to manage but here’s a little technique which is sure to help put things in perspective for those of us struggling, I call it the Cinderella Effect.

Good luck and be well.

-The Cinderella Effect-
Pick a day, one whole day that you will give this scenario a try. The evening before I want you both to pretend that you are going to live your last day on earth, together. You’ll die at midnight the next day… like Cinderella having to leave the ball. I know… I know, it’s morbid right? Just hear me out. For the entire day I’d like you to treat yourself, your partner, and your children or other loved ones as if it was your last day on earth.

Throughout the day, ask yourself if it’s worth being angry over a disagreement? Is it worth being upset? Is it worth being impatient, frustrated, stressed, anxious, resentful, guilty, regretful or annoyed? Is this how you want to spend your last day?

Every moment you experience a negative emotion is one last moment and opportunity for you both to experience beautiful ones such as gratitude, compassion, patience, humility, joy, appreciation, empathy, sympathy, grace and love.

So each time you feel that negative emotion bubble up… remind yourself, “This is the last day I have left to live… I am not going to allow this negative emotion to steal away any moments from this final and important day,” take a deep breath and flush out the negative emotion, “I am going to reside in patience… I am going to anchor myself into gratitude and be extremely present for all the gifts and all the beauty that I have in my life… and I am going to celebrate each moment of each day with every breath I take… and I am going to focus my senses; my sight, hearing, taste, touch, and feeling on experiencing all of the blessings and all of the beauty which surround me in every moment of every day. I am going to clear my mind and remain mindful of presence, of awareness, of my true reality. I am grateful. I am humbled. I am loved. I am love.”
.Make an agreement to try this out for one day and observe how much it changes how you treat one another throughout that entire day. Then after I want you to ask yourself something… “Have I been promised more than one day of life on this earth? Am I wasting what could be my very last day on earth being upset? What’s to prevent me from dying at midnight? Am I wasting time on unimportant bullshit? Could this be the very last day of life I have to live? Could this be the last opportunity I have to live… to breathe… to celebrate my gratitude for all of the blessings which have been granted to me and my loved ones? Can I make a permanent change… can I begin living each day as if it were my last? Can I live one final day filled with love and not fear? Do I have time to make this change? Can I start now?”