There are a lot of things I see many women do these days that are many times ruthless, sometimes foolish, mostly annoying and countless downright wrong. Many men are not aware of the intricate dynamic that is dating while others are clever and have the ability to over-come the common subterfuge. So, let’s reflect and have a conversation on these points; whether you agree with them or not.

Flaking on the first date
If a woman is excited to see a man and be with a man then she won’t flake on the first date.

We know things come up but when you confirm to show up the night before or day of the date and you don’t then it is a problem. If it is for legitimate reasons then it is okay but most likely than not, it isn’t.

Many men now views flaking on a date as serious disrespect because they know a woman will flake because she views that man as okay but will change plans if something more exciting comes along.

Flaking on the first date is the equivalent of saying you have low interest in the guy.

Wanting to talk ‘more’.
This is done because you see a guy as low value. If a man tells a woman, “Let’s meet up for drinks at Mike’s on Friday.” and she retorts, “Yes, sounds good, cool, where?” She is doing this because she has high interest.

Asking questions and telling a guy you have to know them more is a tactic you use because the guy across from you, or you are texting is not seen by you as high value.

This is attention seeking behaviour. 

Taking long to reply.
If you take a very long time to return a text or call them that is showing a guy that you feel they are low value and as such, many men will make it immediately clear to you their value by immediately move on. A high value man WILL NOT wait on you, he has too many options, as much options as the attractive model girl. Take this into consideration when you take a while to reply for illegitimate reasons.

Suggesting to be friends.
Guys now know that bringing up friendship is being friend zoned. You don’t friendzone a guy that you find very attractive – that guy will get consistent sex.

Suggesting to be friends only leads a guy to being a sucker friend and/or orbiter for you. If a woman makes a suggestion to be friends when I am trying to date – I AM GONE. I am not interested in making friends on a dating app– I am interested in dating on a dating app. There is a difference between a jerk and being honest; the same goes for women.

Attention as currency:
Many men have already noticed this – attention deserves time and time is money so attention will cost me money. Are you worth it? Many men will no longer give free attention, especially those men seeking a relationship. My time Is precious to me and if you are worth it then you get my time – I won’t waste it on anyone. I value my time and so do others. Don’t use my time to make yourself feel better.

Don’t be cringey.
The worst statement I can ever see that a woman writes in her dating profile is this, “I have had my fun. Blah blah blah. I am now ready to settle down.” So, you mean, you have had multiple sex partners that did nothing for you and now you want me to couple up with you and share my assets?

I will repeat, you had multiple sex partners that did NOTHING for you, I know that because you said you ‘had your fun”.

All that happens is an immediate block and un-match whenever I read any variation of that. It is the equivalent of a guy saying he has 12 kids from 9 different women. Does that sound like a guy you would want to be with and is a responsible father? Exactly.

Trying to stay in control.A lot of women will try to maintain control in a relationship. The relationship power struggle is not cute. If you are a better leader, I personally don’t mind if a woman leads if she leads better. Don’t lead because you want to, lead because you are better at it. It is the equivalent of too many chefs in the kitchen when most of them don’t know how to cook.

Talking about other men.
This is a dead to rights sign that the man you are speaking to has low value and you have no sexual interest in him. A woman will always speak to one man about another if she intends to be disrespectful or it is unintentional. For a woman will never tell a guy that she has any interest in about her boyfriend if she has one. That will remain a secret until it absolutely can no longer be a secret.

The same goes for women telling men she has a boyfriend when she does not find that man attractive; whether she actually has a boyfriend or not. If she does have one, she will draw as much attention out of this man (if he lets her) before she admits to having a boyfriend.

Being the mean girl.
Don’t be the girl that loves destroying men that approach you. Some women love the look on a man’s face as she destroys his approach, his game and his confidence.

Girls do it best, stringing a guy along due to their years of social interactions, social experience and social intelligence. They can wheel a guy in, play with him in front of their girlfriends and utterly obliterate his confidence for the rest of his life.

STOP being the mean girl.

The coloured hair and piercings.
Nothing screams more about you than the coloured hair, piercings and/or tattoos. It all just screams a certain type of mindset: radical gynocentric views.

Many guys are now saying the same thing, watch out for the hair colour, the greens, purples, oranges, and blues. Add this to a woman with piercings and tattoos and you have a skewed view of the world. You seldomly see very conservative women that always wear pearls and dresses having purple hair, piercings and tattoos, right?

I can understand why some people admire this aspect while some people fear it.

There is nothing like how a woman can ruthlessly use a man for his money, time and resources – and once it is all gone, she is off to the next guy. Yea, the guy might be a sucker but how about loyalty, trust, respect and building bonds?

A man can love a woman unconditionally while a woman can get pregnant by a man’s best friend, brother or neighbor then walk across the street into that friend or neighbor’s house to start a new life. This is a next level of ruthlessness than even some men can’t attain. And it is either admired or fear in today’s world.

If you want a good man in your life then be a good woman. Like attracts like and many men these days won’t put up with the bullshit because they have the knowledge and options as well while others will just go their own way.