Beware of the advice you take from a woman.
Especially when you are a man. Why? Because she will most likely not tell you the truth even though she knows you not knowing the truth will hurt you. Or, she has no idea what she is talking about and gives you a very blue pilled view of reality.

Furthermore, a female dating coach’s advice will be out of touch with reality because she will tell you what type of man you need to be in a politically correct way. She will even tell you this when she knows she loves the bad boys but will never admit to it because she knows it will make her look bad. So, instead, she will tell you she likes the archetype that is a high value male in a politically correct fashion.

Do you learn how to catch fish from the fish or the fisherman? Exactly, so why ask for female dating advice from a woman. She might actually not have any idea how dating and relationships actually work on the male side of things or she just knowingly lies to you. You will seldom have a chick that will be straight with you and gives you the cold hard truth, whether you like it or not.

Where have all the good men gone?
This question only comes from women who feel they are being passed up by high SMV guys. They have ridden out their high SMV and are now asking “Where are all the good men?”, in other words, where are all the good high value men?

This is typically said by women setting up tent on dating sites and apps. They will practically never leave the site or will be rotating on and off the apps when they are in and out of relationships like a revolving door – all in search of that high SMV man aka alpha male.

The thing is, like-attracts-like, a woman needs to bring some value to a relationship in order to attract a man and have him make a commitment. If a woman cannot provide value then how can she expect to attract a high value male?

Beware of the female dating coaches and wing girls.
These female dating coaches, females PUA and wing girls talk as if they understand red pill dating but if you listen and watch carefully; they will almost always promote blue pill values and ideologies through a seemingly red pill lens.

Furthermore, a lot of guys will get advice from female dating coaches because they feel they might have a shot at dating the dating coach and being with said dating coach or wing girl. It is the same concept with Only Fans, where they interact with and instant message said girl and feel there is a connection when there is none. Once their money is gone, so is any communication – the only connection there is a direct route to their money in exchange for bad ideas.

Emotions versus logic.
Men are thinkers from a basis of logic while most women still think from a basis of emotions. Don’t take dating advice form miserable and single women masquerading as a wing girl and dating coach.

When a woman works from a point of emotions, then her emotions take center stage, if she doesn’t like you for whatever reason then she will sabotage you. It doesn’t matter if it is dating, real estate, banking, a carwash or a bar – if the woman does not like you, she will never separate her emotions from her job – she will intentionally give bad advice and sabotage you in any way possible.

What I am saying is this, beware of any woman not liking you in her official position. If she doesn’t like you then she won’t help you, even worse, she will go out of her way to hurt you instead of separating her feelings from work. So, know what you are getting into whenever you interact with a woman and whether or not she likes you will determine for a large part if she helps or hinders you.

The feminist propaganda is strong in this one.
Movies, TV, news and social media is loaded with gynocentrism. We see it in cartoons and TV shows where the guy is shown as stupid, goofy and useless – Al Bundy from Married with Children, Inspector Gadget, and the Sultan from Aladdin.

Feminism is currently being shoved down our throats while little boys are being told that their behaviour is toxic masculinity. The behaviour might be bad but is it not toxic masculinity. Correct a child’s bad behaviour but don’t preach political correctness to children, they have zero concept of such things at a young age.

More and more I have to turn off or stop watching movies or TV shows because the propaganda is so strong that it is sickening. I am all for forward positive movements and equality but this current state of over-correction is in fact becoming toxic to society.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.
Yea, I am a Star Wars fan but this statement by Yoda says it best. If a coach constantly speaks negatively about her exes and her dates and is always angry then it speaks volumes about what is actually happening in her life. Don’t date or seek life advice from those that don’t have their romantic and life affairs in order.

Anyone who is centered in their emotions and not speaking or thinking from a position of logic is not someone who you should take advice from.

If your dating coach or wing girl fears being alone then she will seethe with anger, this seething anger will lead her to hate and you know who suffers? YOU

She will do what is best for her.
A woman will always do what is best for her. So, if that means betraying you, or her best friend then she will do it. As I have said before, a woman can do ruthless things that knows no bounds and no end.

Furthermore, a dude has the ability to take whatever job he can get, sometimes two just to get by with the thoughts of a better life from saving money and/or hard work. While there are many women out there that will take whatever that lets her do the absolute least and get the absolute most.

Let’s be real.
Stop wasting time with the subterfuge and get advice from guys or women with a strong head on their shoulders. A woman that complains about the men in her life isn’t a woman to be your wing girl or the arbiter in or of your life.

Just be careful who you take advice from.