BEWARE of taking dating advice from women.

There are some things a woman should and should not do. As a woman, you should not be attention seeking as well as cringey. Modern day guys now know the game.

The top 10 ways to stay afloat while doing NoFap.

Over-all, practice these 10 things to help you better maintain course for a very successful reboot when practicing NoFap. Remember, this is a practice and not a competition, it is also a marathon and not a race. You don’t need to be perfect, just do the best you can and if you stumble, get up, dust yourself off and try again.

Don’t start Semen Retention or NoFap without reading this first.

There can be many pitfalls when you are starting out on your NoFap or Semen Retention journey. Before you start, here are a few things you need to know.

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The Law of Attraction and generating synchronicities with Semen Retention.

Semen Retention can help you achieve your goals through manifestation, the law of attraction and being on a high vibrational frequency.

Do Millennials have higher dating standards than previous generations?

A lot of Millennials and Generation Zers find dating to be a cluttered & muddy affair especially with the advent of social media and dating apps.

What are some good tips for successful online dating in 2021?

Here are some great tips to abide by when trying to date successfully in 2020 such as depicting yourself realistically and avoid dating activity partners.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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Semen retention is not the same as No Fap

Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation.

It is about finding a higher purpose. It is about giving yourself a higher vibrational frequency. It is about being on your purpose and accomplishing your goals.

It is about getting better physically and mentally. It is about improving your mental and physical health. It is about improving your relationships with family, friends and coworkers.

The white lotus girl will play with your emotions.

The white lotus girl is an emotional manipulator of the highest degree. She will gaslight you to the point where you lose your grip on reality. She says she can walk the walk and talk the talk but her actions never match her words. She will always play the victim card while leveraging your guilt against you.

During Quarantine, give them the Cinderella effect.

Some couples and loved ones are experiencing a bit of added stress, anxiety, and heightened tension living in such close proximity through this quarantine. It’s difficult to manage but here’s a little technique which is sure to help put things in perspective for those of us struggling, I call it the Cinderella Effect. Good luck and be well.