BEWARE of taking dating advice from women.

There are some things a woman should and should not do. As a woman, you should not be attention seeking as well as cringey. Modern day guys now know the game.

What would happen if all men had good dating/seduction/relationship skills?

This is what would happen if every man had good relationship skills: The first scenario would involve relationships being a lot easier for men & women.

Millennial Men: Terrible Sex, Terrible Attitudes, All The Entitlement of Their Fathers With Far Less Earning Capability

I have heard women say many terrible things about Millennial men, such as “The majority of them fail at traditional masculine roles: providing, fixing and building things by themselves, leadership when times are hard etc.”

I have also heard, “And they fail at traditionally feminine roles [too]: caregiving, emotional intelligence, support of significant other, cleaning etc. Failing at all these things makes them effectively useless. They have abandoned all positive masculine traits while adopting negative masculine traits and have become more feminine without adopting any positive feminine traits which I find bizarre. Their hobbies (more like obsessions) are video games, watching other men play sports and jerking off to porn. None of these “hobbies” have the element of self improvement that is needed for a person to become a better human being”.

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This is the current state of Millennial Dating.

The current state of Millennial dating is fractured. Some people are very direct, others are PUAs, some are social media stalkers, and this is all coupled with dating fatigue.

The harmful effects of excessive masturbation.

Excessive masturbation hurts your relationships, family, friends, social life, and work by cutting you off from these supports as we humans are social creatures.

How to attract Women and a Great Social Circle

Every guy typically has two goals: That is to meet beautiful women and to meet awesome and to meet like minded men who they can share and pursue common goals with. I say every guy should have three goals and in this order: pursue excellence and be healthy in both mind and body, meet like minded men that they can be successful with and to meet high quality beautiful women.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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During Quarantine, give them the Cinderella effect.

Some couples and loved ones are experiencing a bit of added stress, anxiety, and heightened tension living in such close proximity through this quarantine. It’s difficult to manage but here’s a little technique which is sure to help put things in perspective for those of us struggling, I call it the Cinderella Effect. Good luck and be well.

This is how you turn your daily affirmations into reality.

Use these tips to change your mentality and affirm with the universe. This is how you will be able to manifest your daily affirmations.

The Red Pill is great for self improvement and awareness.

The red pill is about making men better prepared and aware of today’s dating reality. It is not anti-feminist, nihilistic or fatalistic.